Who We Are

Inspired by a vision to lift disadvantaged African communities out of generational poverty, FreeTree was founded to create lasting socioeconomic change and promote favorable outcomes for farmers in rural Africa. Led by a team devoted to innovation, technology, and research-driven impact projects, FreeTree will help farmers leverage the opportunities provided by global manufacturing and agriculture, with specific regard to avocado production and export.

Our experienced growers, project managers, and agronomists offer specialized expertise in the avocado and fruit-farming industries, and FreeTree is poised to make an impact on rural farming communities, from seedling to sales. Our risk-free model works to significantly reduce the costs of avocado production to help farmers in Africa, by providing free avocado trees and ensuring crop sales to global fruits traders that are sourced by the FreeTree team.

With our combined experience in the agriculture industry, the team at FreeTree leads powerful impact projects and global initiatives that create food security for underserved African communities, and help farmers in Africa through the simple yet life-changing act of providing free avocado trees. With donations from our supporters around the world, FreeTree will continue to advance social equity and income stability for populations that have historically been left behind, in large part, due to lack of access to sustainable agriculture practices.

The FreeTree leadership team has lent guidance and support to farmers in communities across the globe, from Africa to Southeast Asia and beyond, and we will continue to drive our mission forward to give African farmers the opportunity for a better tomorrow.

Yaron Haitovich

CEO & Founder

Haitovich is CEO & Founder of Yam-Projects. Executive manager, long term experienced hands-on in the fruit field to fork arena. Haitovich is also a global projects manager specialist in Africa and Southeast Asia, and an expert in project management of Medical Cannabis agriculture and manufacturing.

Dr. Michel Jahiel

Founder & GM Madagascar

Mr. Jahiel is a researcher in Agronomy and founder of the CTHT. Responsible for the implementation of numerous development projects in Africa and the Indian Ocean, he is also an expert in tropical fruit growing and spices production.

Dr. Uri Weinheber

Founder and Chairman

Weinheber is a Venture Capital investor and Innovation Expert, led innovation and over 70 investments for leading corporates (Michelin, Dole, Mekorot, Bazan) and funds (thetime, Cathay, LabOne). Exits: Traffix (to F5) Corrigon (to eBay), ChameleonX (to Akamai) and more.

Moshe Besser

Chief Agronomist

Experienced Grower and chief agronomist. For ten years responsible of all the post harvest of the Israeli Avocado export. Eighteen years as a private adviser and coacher of 22 growers in Israel and abroad including: Africa, Vietnam, Chile, Argentina, Mexico, California and the Dominican Republic.

Lala Ralaiavy

Local Agronomist in Madagascar

Experienced grower and agronomist. Head of the on-site agriculture assignments of the project in Madagascar under the supervision of Dr. Michael Jahiel